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Tremplins citoyens 2023


Democracy, rights, coexisting, solidarity, urban transformation, education, sports, culture, youth, and more.

Let’s discuss and debate to create a better La Courneuve

Courneuvians at the Jeunestival: a festival organised by young Courneuvians at the initiative of the Youth Information Centre and the Houdremont Cultural Centre.

From 24 May to 24 June 2023, the elected representatives of the municipal majority will meet with residents, embodying the idea that “in La Courneuve, the more we talk to each other, the better we get along”. This dialogue will take place near you, with more than 30 meeting points throughout all the city’s neighbourhoods.

In the aftermath of the difficult COVID era, we have launched the Courneuvian Referendum, fought for jobs by collecting CVs on the ground in order to reduce the unemployment rate, and most recently we have protested against the retirement age being increased to 64. Now, via our questionnaire, we want to hear your thoughts on the present and the future of life in La Courneuve.

Nothing about us has changed: we want to succeed in carrying out the municipal plans for which you elected us, despite the government’s policy of social regression.

We want to ensure that the people of La Courneuve have the best life possible;

We want to encourage people to come together rather than become isolated;

We want to help the city’s young people now, so that La Courneuve can ensure that their future is bright;

We want to make our city more environmentally friendly in order to fight against climate change;

We are fighting for social equality, because our country suffers from territorial injustice.

We’ve already accomplished so much. But to be even more successful, we need your individual and collective ambitions to fuel us — to serve as a springboard for all citizens.

Gilles Poux,
Mayor of La Courneuve

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