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City act

Democratic life

The city is constantly striving to share information, hold consultations and discussions with residents, listen to their demands, and invite them to participate in the city’s projects.

« How's it going? »

Since 2020, La Courneuve has been holding annual “Comment ça va” (how’s it going?) meetings between residents, the mayor and elected representatives, to discuss how things are going and what’s not working well.

Courneuvian Referendum

In 2021, La Courneuve launched the Courneuvian Referendum: an annual vote that gives residents the chance to express their opinion on matters that directly concern them. In 2022 and 2023, it was the residents who proposed matters to be put to a referendum.

Grand Centre-Ville citizens' workshop

Atelier Citoyen 2021

La Courneuve offers residents the opportunity to share their opinion on the planning work it carries out, such as urban projects and the redevelopment of parks or sports areas, so that it meets expectations.

A city under transformation

The city is growing alongside its inhabitants, transforming and becoming more sustainable with new public facilities, new and redeveloped housing and more accessible public transportation — all while retaining its identity.

The Six-Routes station, for a more accessible city

Little by little, the Six-Routes station is coming to light. By 2026, it will welcome lines 16 and 17 of the new metro and will be on the T1 tram line and numerous bus routes.
La Courneuve to Nanterre travel time: 18 minutes.

Public gardens for a more sustainable city

La Courneuve is committed to creating a city where nature and residents live alongside each other in harmony. As such, it is planning new gardens and more vegetation, aiming to plant 2024 trees by 2024. For years, the city has made use of geothermal energy, a clean and renewable energy source.

The city is transforming for everyone


The site of the former KDI factory will be replaced with a new city centre. In 2028, a completely new neighbourhood will open, with more than 1000 housing units, shops, a new school complex with a gymnasium, and open green spaces.

Babcock neighbourhood

The new Babcock neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw from the RER B station, is currently under construction. In this new neighbourhood, culture will have pride of place, with a cinema and a facility for sporting events and shows. There will also be housing, shops and restaurants in this area, which will partially preserve some of the old factory buildings.

Enjoy life and thrive

We want La Courneuve to be a place where residents love to live. La Courneuve is a city where culture and sports are accessible to all, and where children can grow and thrive.

We are the media!


In 2021, La Courneuve joined the UN Alliance of Civilizations. The aim was to equip young residents of La Courneuve with the tools they need to fight against discrimination, fake news, hate speech and disinformation. After a series of workshops led by journalists, participants travelled to New York to present their ideas and projects to several senior UN representatives.

It's always time to celebrate!

La Courneuve Plage, Festival La Courneuve Square, Hors les Murs… Every year, La Courneuve hosts a variety of exciting cultural events, because the people of La Courneuve deserve to have fun and enjoy their city all together!

Access to culture for everyone

Culture should be accessible to everyone—not just reserved for the elite—as it helps form an enlightened and exacting population. Music, shows, exhibitions, heritage… La Courneuve is firmly committed to sharing culture.

A variety of sporting activities

One of the city’s commitments is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in quality sporting activities, whether competitively or for fun, in a club or independently, alone or in a group — however they wish.

Holidays for everyone

Eté à Trilbardou

Go fishing in Arcachon Bay, ride horses in Burgundy, meet the salt workers in the Loire-Atlantique salt marshes, river raft in Aude, or explore Italy. Every year, the city offers summer holiday opportunities for children and young people between 3 and 17 years old, as well as for seniors.

Arts and culture for the little ones

Louvre à jouer
Les enfants du centre de loisire Rosenberg participent à l'activité "Louvre à jouer", au gymnase El-Ouafi, le 26 avril 2022.

Artistic and cultural education is essential for personal development and empowerment, so starting from a young age is crucial. The city has forged numerous partnerships with artists and cultural figures so that each year, from nursery to primary school, every Courneuvian child can participate in an artistic and cultural project.

Fighting for your rights

Activism is part of the city’s DNA. The city’s elected representatives are by your side, fighting to ensure that La Courneuve is heard and respected, and that the needs of Courneuvians in terms of health, employment, education and access to rights are always taken into account.

Inequality: another deadly virus

La Courneuve’s has long fought against regional inequalities. Through complaints to HALDE (the French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission), the “Atlas of Inequalities”, protests by residents in 2020, and appeals by the mayor to various ministers and the French President, we continuously strive to denounce—and reject—the unequal treatment to which residents of working-class neighbourhoods are subjected.

Fighting for jobs

With the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Grand Paris Express, urban renewal, and the establishment of new companies, Seine-Saint-Denis is one of the French departments receiving the most investment. However, its unemployment rate is still among the highest in the country.

Faced with this reality, in 2022 La Courneuve decided to commit itself to increasing employment. As such, the city collected the CVs of residents looking for work and sent them to companies so that they could hire Courneuvians.

For our children

Classe de Neige - 2021

Children from working-class families should have the same educational opportunities as the children of executives. The city is working hard towards achieving this goal, with school ski trips for all students in their final year of primary school, smaller class sizes in nursery and primary school, and medical services on site. We are fighting alongside the entire educational community to ensure that schools keep their republican promises and obtain the means necessary for the success of all our children.

Make way for youth!

In 2021, La Courneuve conducted a survey of its young residents to learn their opinions, expectations and needs and thus ensure that its actions are better adapted to young people.

Healthcare is a right

In order to fight against inequalities in healthcare access, La Courneuve established a Municipal Health Centre, where all those who need care can receive it. The goal is to promote equal access to quality care for all. In the midst of the health crisis, the CMS provided screenings and vaccinations to the city’s residents.

Children's rights

Exhibitions, prevention workshops, citizenship education, parent-child workshops, and disability awareness: the city is working alongside the children of the Communal Children’s Council to ensure that children’s rights are respected and expanded.

A public service bus on your doorstep

Since 30 May 2022, the city has been supporting the La Courneuve Mobile bus: a bus that comes to your doorstep, with staff to help you with administrative procedures relating to social assistance, rights, family, healthcare, employment, taxes and more.

Solidarity and coexisting

The city has always worked alongside its residents to develop solidarity actions that help the people of La Courneuve face life’s difficulties and grow their pride in coexisting.

4000 lives

The historic housing projects of La Courneuve have all been renovated. Built in 1962, the 4000 housing project will undergo one final transformation with the demolishing of the Mail de Fontenay. Recording the history of the residents who have lived there brings both them and the estate recognition and dignity. Since 2022, the residents and associations of the 4000 projects have been invited to share their stories and memories of the neighbourhood so that they can be preserved.

Maisons pour tous

The city’s two Maisons pour tous (housing for all) centres allow people to come together to learn, become empowered, and bring the neighbourhood to life. Here you can participate in activities with your family, join outings, take French courses, get help with administrative formalities and procedures, or just have a chat. Mutual aid and coexisting are at the heart of this approach.

Day of Peace

In a world where human relationships are usually guided by a desire for domination, La Courneuve has chosen to advocate for peace. Each year, the city celebrates International Day of Peace on 21 September. This is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and interculturalism of La Courneuve, a truly global city.

Helping Courneuvians to eat better

Banquet des séniors

In a context where the health crisis has led to greater inequality, the closure of markets has made the situation worse for families who now only have supermarkets to buy their food from. In La Courneuve, more than 2000 families received baskets of fruit, vegetables and food products in 2020.

Solid’air de fête

In December, the city comes together for Solidarity Month. On this occasion, the people of La Courneuve can participate in solidarity meals, outreach for the homeless, family activities and even ice skating. Given the increased cost of energy and basic goods, in 2022 the city decided to give all La Courneuve residents between the ages of 3 and 15 €30 gift vouchers.

Inauguration de la patinoire

The ice rink will also be set up for a month of skating, delicious food, fun and creating new memories, so that everyone can take part in the end-of-year festivities.

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