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Participants under the age of 16 cannot participate.
Any official document containing a photo, name, first name, and date of birth.
Example : national identity card, high school card, Vitale card ...
Any document presenting the surname, first name and Courneuvienne address.
Example : rent receipt, EDF invoice, address envelope, accommodation certificate ...
Further information on our data protection policy


The consequences of global warming cannot be denied nowadays. We need to take action at every level, including within our own city, to tackle the causes. We are aware that business, commercial and industrial areas are lit at night, when there are not many people passing by. This also has negative consequences for biodiversity. The city is considering acting on this issue and turning off street lighting between midnight and 5 am in non-residential areas in order to save energy. However, unlit areas could cause problems when it comes to using these spaces. What do you think? What should we do?
Since 2022, French law stipulates that adverts, signs and commercial buildings cannot be lit at night. However, this regulation is not always followed, causing significant amounts of energy to be wasted, which negatively affects the environment and global warming. The local authorities are considering prioritising action on this issue and whether it should have the means to ensure that the regulation is followed. What do you think? What should we do?
Le Conseil Communal des Enfants de La Courneuve (La Courneuve's children's city council) suggested organising an annual "litter marathon" in La Courneuve. The idea of the event is that residents would help clean up public spaces for a day. It also aims to raise awareness about litter and sorting waste, as well as protecting the environment. The local authorities are wondering if they should repeat this event, perhaps on an annual basis. Would you be willing to get involved with this clean-up day? What should we do?


Your details and supporting documentation will be verified and validated by an official in the city. Each vote cast is secret and cannot be viewed by the municipality. Only the result of all votes cast will be made available.

In order to ensure anonymity of your responses, only the external provider that created the voting system is able to access individual results. The external provider has committed to encrypting the data, and to not consult it and ever disclose it.

The votes will be counted publicly on Saturday, 14 October at Maison de la Citoyenneté James-Marson, 33 Avenue Gabriel Péri, from 1 pm. The results will be announced once the votes have been counted.

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